Innovation highlights for 2022 of K2 Systems


Sporting a new look and with two stands (A6.380 and A6.190), K2 will present not only new, more flexible mounting systems and components, but also a range of enhanced digital services and interactive platforms aimed at providing more value to PV professionals both on and offsite.
With monthly shipments exceeding 400 MW and increased production capacity, K2 maintains its position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of PV mounting systems.

The challenges and opportunities for the industry are great, and we are challenged to meet them. This requires strong connections, also between manufacturers, to meet the needs of our customers.

Innovations for flat roofs

Allrounder Dome 6

The Dome 6 System with its variants covers the requirements for a wide variety of flat roofs. Whether for roof-parallel 0° systems, 10° or 15° elevated systems, whether with or without fixed connections, whether with or without fall protection, whether with corner or quarter clamping – the different variants have the same components and allow the installer a quick, easy, repeatable, and flexible installation. I.e., most different PV modules can be processed with the Dome 6 System.

The Mat S support pad as an intermediate layer between the roof and the mounting rails has been completed with an additional innovative coating that almost completely eliminates plasticizer migration.

Flexible elevations with TiltUp Vento and GreenRoof Vento

The TiltUp Vento System is designed for 20°, 25° and 30° inclinations and offers maximum flexibility. It features few components, flexible module arrangement options, clamping options on the short or long side for larger modules and ballasting options for concrete foundations or directly with concrete anchors. TiltUp Vento is particularly suitable for use in regions with high wind loads. The TiltUp Vento has recently become available and can be planned in K2 Base. It has already been installed for projects in Spain, Italy and Germany.

K2's new GreenRoof Vento is a similarly designed product but is specifically intended for use on green flat roofs. GreenRoof Vento is a flexible system: for example, a vertical or horizontal module orientation with a 10° or 15° inclination can already be achieved with a distance of approx. 38 cm between the green roof and the solar module system. An installation-friendly and timesaving mounting system for green roofs.

Innovation for pitched roofs

  • With the TileHook, K2 presents a tile replacement product, which forms a balanced interaction with the SingleRail 50 as a system. The TileHook replaces almost all common tiles and can be mounted with the SingleHook 50 with significantly fewer fasteners on the roof. Tiresome tile handling is no longer necessary, saving time on the construction site.
  • CrossHook 3S Long will also soon be available with a longer jib and is especially suitable for large-format tiles and concrete roof tiles.
  • Especially for the Scandinavian market, the Splice Foot is available as a new fastener for bitumen shingles.
  • The RibClamp KL System is replaced by the Universal KL-Clamp System and is thus suitable for wider roof profile ribs, which are mainly found in South Africa and Australia.
  • In addition, cable management on trapezoidal sheet metal roofs is now very easy with the Minimount from PVX Multimount.
  • The K2 Clamp is a module clamp for all pitched roof systems, universal, simple and with the proven MK2 screw mechanism, all common frame heights are covered by the K2 Clamp.
  • The highly popular MiniRail System has also been revised and MiniRail 2.0 can now also be mounted with the K2 Clamp.
  • New cooperation with Fischer Profil creates new application possibilities: For economical and energy-efficient construction projects, K2 Systems and Fischer Profil, a leading manufacturer of building elements for industrial construction, have coordinated and certified their products. In addition to mounting K2's SpeedRail System on Fischer Profil's sandwich roof element for pitched roofs, solar systems can now also be mounted on the manufacturer's façade elements with K2 fasteners.

Expansion of digital services

  • Many customer requests in the area of simpler planning in K2 Base have been implemented in order to be able to plan more quickly and easily with K2 Base.
  • The expansion of K2's digital services is now including a simple synchronized login for our customers. Furthermore, we have introduced new features in the area of account management, allowing that within a company account, different administration rights can be assigned.
  • Easier planning and administration in K2 Base: In K2 Base it is now possible to plan systems on hipped roofs and thanks to some updates in the project report, the installer gets a better overview at the end of each design for even easier planning and installation.
  • New application modules and languages for K2 Training: On the free education platform K2 Training, newcomers and experienced professionals have access to additional interactive application modules and, due to the high demand, in addition to German and English, courses are now offered in Italian, French and Spanish.
  • K2 DocuApp takes over the CheckApp functions. With the revised K2 DocuApp, installers can do the simple data entry from the CheckApp and the quick project documentation from the DocuApp directly in one app, both functions are now integrated. In addition to the automatic synchronization of projects from K2 Base, it offers further relief for the installer with the instructions for the market master data registration for the private customer.

K2 creates opportunities for new connections

  • With a new community, K2 encourages PV professionals to make new contacts and exchange ideas. The brand-new K2 Community provides a platform for installers to exchange knowledge, ask questions and share experiences with other PV professionals. Through various groups and forums, installers can easily access news, discuss topics and simply meet like-minded people. As with all K2 digital services, the login works through the K2 user account. The K2 Community is free of charge and will be available in German and English.
  • K2 Speakers Corner: On both Wednesday and Thursday, at a quarter past every hour, industry experts will share their thoughts and insights on key industry trends and critical success factors in an exchange with K2. Willem Haag, Chief Sales Officer, Stefan Köhl, Head of Digital Solutions and Katharina David, Managing Director of K2 Systems, will delve into how fruitful connections can improve daily work and provide additional insights.
  • The new and revised K2 website now includes a comprehensive digital product catalogue and a modern user service system for improved project management. K2's digital product catalogue provides easy access to all K2 mounting systems products with the corresponding technical data. With the introduction of a modern user service and single login, installers can now create company accounts to centrally manage multiple projects and enjoy seamless interaction with all K2 digital tools.