Innovation on the Intersolar Europe: Media response analysis of international journals


The Press Agency Krampitz will be presenting its new service on monitoring PR success at this year’s Intersolar Europe. The agency is launching a reporting procedure – the Krampitz Kommunikationskontrolle (Communication Control) – which is specially aligned to the requirements of companies from the renewable energy sector.

“Freely available online tools deliver clippings, but do not evaluate them. Commercial clipping services offer analyses, but are, as a rule, not as internationally targeted and specialised in renewable energies as we are”, explains Matthias Flierl, PR consultant at the Press Agency Krampitz. Measureable Communication Success In contrast, the Press Agency Krampitz screens all the relevant journals that report on renewable energies – national as well as international – from magazines on architecture, construction, industry, recreational vehicles and electronics via those on energy, gardening, agriculture and sanitation all the way to environmental and business magazines.

In addition, the agency analyses internet portals and industry newsletters. The press clippings are collected and then evaluated according to topics and messages, the tenor of the opinion and its relevance. Quantitatively, the agency analyses the number of publications, their coverage and the circulation, and establishes the media value. The evaluation can be customised to a particular need and expanded to include further parameters. Descriptive graphs make the communication success all the more visible. “Media response analysis are the most convincing when qualitative as well as quantitative results are combined with each other”, says Flierl.

“With our Krampitz Kommunikationskontrolle, we offer both national and international companies from the renewable energy sector an optimal tool to measure how successful their communication is.” At 2:30 p.m. on 10 June 2011, Flierl is giving a talk in German on “Media Response and Monitoring Success in Press Relations of Solar Companies”. It takes place at the Intersolar Europe within the scope of the innovation exchange in Hall B2, Stand B2.550. The Press Agency Krampitz The PR Agency Krampitz was founded by the graduate chemist Iris Krampitz in 2004 and since then has concentrated its activities solely on public relations for renewable energies.