ISET announces initial shipments to customers of non-vacuum CIGS modules


International Solar Electric Technology, Inc. (ISET), a manufacturer of printed thin-film CIGS solar panels, has shipped full-sized modules to initial customers in South Korea from its pilot production facility in Los Angeles. Initial products were designed and assembled to meet the specifications of distributed power markets as ISET targets growth in an underserved industry segment.

CIGS modules will supply off-grid electricity for Green LED lighting applications in agricultural, industrial, and transportation markets. ISET raised just under $18 million to develop a pilot facility in Southern California capable of manufacturing CIGS modules from bare glass to final module assembly.

ISET is the first PV company to ship monolithically-integrated CIGS products based on a printed ink process. ISET’s CEO and President Dr. Vijay K. Kapur identified this milestone as “the product of thinking globally and competitively,” pointing out that “global competition has pushed prices to a level which we had anticipated from the start. For that reason, I am extremely proud that we have begun to export American-made PV products based on ISET’s manufacturing platform which can be truly cost competitive.”

The company’s first shipments follow closely upon recent announcements of efficiency and yield milestones in preparation for expansion to volume manufacturing.