Jetion Solar showcased the world’s thinnest dual glass solar module – the JeThrü – at Intersolar Europe 2019


As the world’s leading manufacturer of solar products, Jetion Solar brought the world’s thinnest dual-glass product, the JeThrü, to last week’s Intersolar Europe 2019 show.

Jetion Solar has been focusing on the design, manufacture and sale of high efficiency solar cells and modules as well as developing large scale PV power plants.

Combining the technological advantages of glass from CNBM [China National Building Materials], Jetion Solar successfully launched ultra thin, 1.6mm, semi-tempered, high-transparency, dual-glass product the JeThrü. It adopts global cutting edge glass technology to increase transmittance by 0.4% and enhance power output by 0.64%. The JeThrü dual-glass module optimizes frame design while ensuring component reliability and excellent mechanical performance. The module weight is less than 18 kg (in its 60-cell format), which is 20% lower than the conventional 2.5mm frameless dual glass module, and thus has a single glass weight but dual-glass quality characteristics.

The JeThrü series of ultra light dual glass products are suitable for a variety of photovoltaic applications with high output and reliability and excellent mechanical performance.

For a long time, Jetion Solar’s high-efficiency products have been favored by customers. Half-cut mono PERC module the JT SGh and MBB mono PERC dual glass module the JT STm, showcased by Jetion Solar, attracted a lot of customers. At the same time, the latest bifacial mono PERC module the JT STh can generate up to 25% more output depending on installation conditions. The output of the 72-cell bifacial module can reach a maximum 480 W, which can significantly reduce LCOE.

Jetion Solar's new gigawatt-scale mono PERC cell and module factory is under construction and is expected to be fully operational at the beginning of Q3. At that time, Jetion Solar will have 2 GW of cell and 2.5 GW of module manufacturing capacity, and will be among the tier one PV manufacturers.

Dong Yuhong, vice president of Jetion Solar’s overseas business sector, said: “The European market is one of the most important markets for Jetion Solar and it is also our traditional advantage market. Jetion Solar has penetrated [the] European market since its establishment in 2004. Jetion Solar is one of the most well-known brands in Europe. We are happy that the European market has been booming in recent years, mainly due to the EU’s renewable energy targets and the continuing decline of solar energy costs. Jetion Solar can provide diversified high-efficiency PV products including bifacial, MBB half-cell products etc. Meanwhile, Jetion Solar has a strong global EPC and project financing capability. We are happy to cooperate with project developers and EPC companies in Europe, Latin America, Australia and Southeast Asia to build a reliable partnership.”

In the future, Jetion Solar will continue to develop overseas markets. Rely on Jetion Solar’s high-quality products and global EPC and project financing capabilities, Jetion Solar would like to work with partners to firmly grasp new opportunities for global market growth.