JinkoSolar BIPV pulls into Shanghai Subway Train Station


Shanghai, China. The newly reconstructed Fengbang, Jiuting, Chuansha subway station in Shanghai has become the city’s first BIPV solar-powered train terminal, and one of the most environmentally friendly mass transportation sites ever built in China. It’s also among the more prominent displays of how build-integrated solar photovoltaic (BIPV) power can be architecturally integrated into a large structure.

The 152,000-square meter new arched solar roof, consisting of 12 MW combination of JinkoSolar’s conventional panel and building integrated photovoltaic panels (BIPVs), according to different transmission ratio requirement, covers the full width of the station and offers effective weather protection for travelers as well as station facilities. This seamless integration of the technology gives it a distinct aesthetic quality. IN addition, the unique features of high efficiency (BIPVs efficiency up to 20%, conventional panel up to 21.3%), lighter weight, aesthetic attraction, strengthened mechanical load particularly dynamic load makes JinkoSolar’s offering a perfect solution for subway station application scenario. It expected to contribute approximately 12,300,000 kWh a year to the station’s power needs.

“For the first time, the city’s subway system will have a clean and efficient source of energy, an environmentally sound way to keep this terminal up and running year round,” said Dany Qian, VP of Jinkosolar, “This station is destined to serve as a model for other projects throughout the country.”