JinkoSolar Energizes Nigerian Mini Grid with 2.03MWh Innovative C&I Energy Storage Solution


These ESSs can provide robustness to the microgrid installation by improving the resiliency of the electrical supply and creating an ROI for the stakeholders.

JinkoSolar’s C&I ESS, a fully integrated, pre-configured battery storage solution uses best-in-class (LFP) battery chemistry to deliver 135 kWh of battery capacity. It includes inverter(s), battery cabinet, battery modules, BMS, local controller, cooling system, and fire suppression system, all contained in outdoor rated enclosures. This turnkey solution reduces on-site installation time and can be easily scaled up.

The integrated multi-level Battery Management System (BMS) continuously monitors performance, to allow for system optimization and balancing. Air cooling (base option) or advanced liquid cooling (premium option) helps extend the lifespan of the batteries and ensures optimum performance even in the toughest of climates.

It has a slick compact design with the flexibility to fit into indoor as well as outdoor spaces, thanks to the outdoor-rated enclosure. With IEC62619, UL9540A, CE, UN 38.3 certifications, and built-in fire suppression, this ESS offers safe operation and peace of mind.

In addition to standalone operation in off-grid mode for power backup, JinkoSolar’s C&I ESS provides peak shaving for demand charge management, and load shifting for time-of-use savings.