Jinkosolar launched new 5MWh ESS with 314Ah battery


On April 11, Jinkosolar launched the new series of its utility scale ESS SunTera, which boasts upgraded capacity of 5MWh with its new 314Ah battery. Other outstanding features include,

The most efficient ESS on the market

Jinkosolar’s utility-scale SunTera offers the most efficient charging/discharging up to 94% at system level.

Higher energy density

Jinkosolar’s SunTera offers the largest power capacity 5MWh enclosed in a 20’ feet containerized ESS, making it one of the most powerful LFP battery based energy storage system in the market.

The safer ESS

Precisely controlled liquid cooling system controls the between-cells temperature difference within industry-lowest 2 Celsius degrees, as temperature non-uniformity is the primary factor of performance loss, and more severely causing fire. Jinkosolar amplifies this feature with multiple levels of protection and insulation to avoid spread in extreme condition.

Less energy consumption

Unlike air cooling or conventional liquid cooling which is blind-cooling, Jinkosolar’s ESS automatic on-demand liquid cooling is more precise and targeted, which cam save 30% of energy.

The smarter O&M

Intelligent EMS cloud to enable real-time monitor, analysis and power management.

The most affordable

In addition to the brand's reputation, Jinko’s ESS is top-of-the-range product backed with 20-years warranty, all at a price that qualifies it and makes Jinko’s ESS very affordable.

JinkoSolar is one of the few companies that can provide industry-leading solar and ESS products separately or in combo at a competitive cost. One-stop solution, service and warranty to avoid after-sales trouble and conflicts between different vendors. Leveraging its solar distribution channels, JinkoSolar will quickly achieve global coverage of its ESS by expanding to 190 markets worldwide, to ensure on-time delivery.