JinkoSolar ranks number 1 in global sales in Q1


JinkoSolar delivered 13.04 GW solar panels in Q1 2023, among which nearly 50% is N-type Tiger Neo panel, the most of any of the solar PV brands. This was a 72.7% growth versus Q1 2022. While this impressive performance makes JinkoSolar No.1 in global shipment and top of the N-type premium market, driven in large part by the success of its Tiger Neo panels.

JinkoSolar’s N-type Tiger Neo panels, including its N-type BIPV series, are expertly developed and engineered for power generation performance and enhanced reliability. Features such as higher efficiency and rated power, higher bifacial factor, lower temperature coefficient, lower degradation particularly light-induced degradation and LeTID, and improved performance under low light conditions have been praised by customers. In fact, JinkoSolar’s N-type Tiger Neo panels have impressed industry experts with the generation of real data collected from a number of deployed and connected projects.

This year JinkoSolar is taking its Tiger Neo series to the next level with improved features to lead the N-type market. It comes with the highest panel efficiency up to 23.23%, maximum power of 625Wp, temperature coefficient lower than 0.29 %/°C, and 80±5% bifacial factor. JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo continued to lead global top-selling N-type panels.

“It’s no surprise that JinkoSolar ranks that high,” said Dany Qian, Vice President of JinkoSolar. “The brand, despite all the fierce competition and aggressive newcomers, still drives and leads the technical advancement and it tops the N-type TOPCon premium market. A lot of that strength comes from the Tiger Neo series which accounts for 50% of our total sales for the first time in Q1.”