JinkoSolar SunGiga Product Receives Prestigious PV Magazine Award 2023


JinkoSolar’s new SunGiga has an intelligent power conversion system and multiple liquid cooling control modes that lower consumption by 30%, also compared with a standard air-cooling system, SunGiga has a higher space utilization rate increased by 38%. The modular and pre-assembled design makes installation and maintenance as well as future capacity augmentation extremely easy and fast.

The SunGiga BESS's distinctive liquid-cooling structural design not only optimizes heat dissipation but also significantly enhances the overall energy density of the system. This breakthrough innovation enables a more compact housing for the substantial 215 kWh battery capacity.

Safety is a paramount focus for JinkoSolar, evident in the comprehensive multi-layer safety protection integrated into the SunGiga BESS at the battery electrical and system levels. Intelligent battery monitoring technology ensures high-precision online monitoring of battery status, offering timely and accurate warnings to prevent thermal runaway.

This recognition from PV Magazine underscores JinkoSolar's unwavering dedication to advancing ESS solutions. The Company’s solar-plus-storage comprehensive solution optimized for C&I markets will ensure lower power pricing and energy security. JinkoSolar continues to be a trailblazer in shaping the future of sustainable energy solutions.