JinkoSolar Supplies 43MWh of Its SunGiga Liquid Cooling C&I Energy Storage System


JinkoSolar’s SunGiga is a liquid-cooling ESS designed to fit the needs of commercial and industrial self-consumption projects and small power plants. Liquid cooling stands out from air cooling because it is more homogenous and stable of its temperature control over cells which is able to avoid temperature gradients. In this case, the SunGiga achieves an excellent temperature homogeneity in the battery cabinet. Reducing the maximum temperature difference between cells to only 2.5ºC. The temperature uniformity allows us to extend the service life of the LFP battery, amd is essential in prolonging the service life of the entire system. As a result, SunGiga provides advantages of a long service life, a high degree of integration, and a high degree of safety by synergies of long-life LFP cell and JinkoSolar’s self-developed thermal and battery management technologies with liquid cooling mechanism.

With IP54 and C3 anti-corrosion protection, this product is highly adaptable to various harsh climate conditions. The cluster controller can charge and discharge battery racks individually; therefore, increasing the overall system performance. Finally, the SunGiga is completely pre-assembled in the factory, which means that it can be installed and commissioned in record time, reducing the CAPEX of the project and speeding up work in the field.