JinkoSolar Tops Premium Market in 2022


The solar giant delivered over 44GW of solar modules last year including 10GW of its higher efficient N-Type TOPCon Tiger Neo series.

As shown by PV-info, JinkoSolar was battling for the top manufacturer slot with other three major competitors and was second with over 44GW of panels sold, but in the N-type premium market sector, it was far beyond its rivals with exceeding 10GW delivered.

The report shows that JinkoSolar had a 101% jump year-on-year. It’s impressive to see how JinkoSolar competes with brands by selling a wider range of more advanced N-type panels – most of them being exponentially better performed than its Tiger Neo counterpart, which secured its leader position in the global premium market.

The volume growth in the ultra-premium N-type TOPCon segment was driven by JinkoSolar. The Tiger Neo alone contributed nearly 25% of N-type sales volume within the ultra-premium segment in 2022. This was driven by strong demand for N-type in Europe, China, Australia, Latin America, and MENA. JinkoSolar emerged as the biggest winner from its top competitor’s decline in the N-type premium market.

The premium market across the globe holds huge potential and will be driven by N-type continuing upgrades, especially by customers from a large P-type installed base.

With the strong reception of the N-type Tiger Neo panels, we will see how JinkoSolar has performed well with the current generation and the newest second-generation Tiger Neo featuring more power, higher efficiency of up to 23.23%, and a lower temperature coefficient down to -0.29%/℃.