Jolywood Solar’s Niwa series modules wins MTP Golden Medal award


The Gold Medal is not only an award, it is a recommendation of experts for the presented products and a promotion strategy. The products, awarded with an exceptional medal, stand out on the market thanks to their quality, technology and functional values. During the event, modern products and services in the field of photovoltaics, biogas, wind, water energy, as well as biofuels are presented.

Niwa series products are equipped with the J-TOPCon 2.0 half-cell which is based on new generation of tunnel oxide passivation technology. Niwa modules has advantages of low risk of LeTID and LID, low temperature coefficient, high reliability, which can apply to BIPV, vertical installation, snowfield, high humidity and strong sand area. It can further provide a strong guarantee for reducing the LCOE.

The MTP gold medal award represents a big step forward to Poland market for Jolywood Solar. Jolywood will continue expanding Poland even Europe market to deliver more high quality products and service, to support the target of carbon neutral in the region.