KSTAR provides powerful Turnkey Solution in 200MW PV project in China recently


The 200MW project will provide about 320 million kilowatt-hours of clean electricity per year on average. Based on the standard coal consumption of 320g/kW·h, it can save 102,400 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 204,200 tons. This project greatly reduces the use of fossil energy and helps achieve the strategic development goal of China Carbon Neutrality.

The 200MWp PV project of Jingneng Linhe is located in the Binggou tourist area of Yinchuan City, Ningxia province. It is currently the largest single-capacity PV project of Beijing Jingneng Clean Energy ‘s Northwest Branch. The project has adopted KSTAR turnkey solution with 3.125MW inverters.

The Jingneng Linhe 200MWp PV project covers an area of 4,600,000 square meters. The project is successfully grid-connected for power generation,which not only realizes the reuse of desertified land in the tourist area, but also provides clean and low-carbon energy for the local land.

With powerful turnkey solution, KSTAR 3.125MW inverter in the 200MW PV project performs more efficiently and stably even in harsh environments, making it the ideal match for the power plant. For large-scale utility PV plants, the solution enables high yields with maximum inverter efficiency of 99%, at the same time ensures low transportation and installation cost due to standard container design.

Moreover, the project is located in the east of Yellow River and on the west of the Mu Us Desert, the PV project has to withstand the rigorous environment all year round. KSTAR’s 3.125MW turnkey solution is optimized to be waterproof, wind-proof, anti-corrosion, etc. The inverters guarantee a good performance for a long time in harsh environments with safe and stable operation.

“KSTAR is proud to participate in the PV project in Ningxia,China. Our turnkey solutions have been installed worldwide and now been applied to desertified land again. We will continue to provide more customized solutions and service for our global customers.” Said one of project managers of KSTAR.