KSTAR provides turnkey solution to Qinghai 100MW PV project in China


KSTAR provided GSM3125D-MV35 turnkey solution to the Qinghai 100MW PV project. The 100 MW PV project will generate about 167 million kilowatt-hours of renewable energy per year.

According to standard coal consumption of 320g/kWh, the project will save 53,500 tons of standard coal every year, and reduce 166,000 tons of carbon dioxide. It will greatly reduce the use of fossil fuels, and promote the utilization of clean energy and achieve the dual carbon goal.

The project is located at the PV Industrial Park, Golmud, Haixi, Qinghai Province. The site is 25km away from Utu Meiren Town. The project will be 100MW. The surrounding traffic is convenient. When the project generates electricity, it will bring more and more clean energy to Qinghai and accelerate green and low-carbon development of the local city.

KSTAR GSM3125D-MV35 is turnkey-solution designed, integrated communication interface, rapid deployment, debugging and maintenance. The rated power of GSM3125D-MV35 is 3.125MW, and the output is 35kV Voltage. Its inverter is protected to IP55 standard, with C5 anticorrosion grade, especially suitable for application at high altitude and in extreme weather conditions, and has an interface for access to a possible energy storage upgrade.

“KSTAR is excited to participate in the 100MW PV project. With innovative technology and solution, KSTAR is devoted to the smart new energy products for many years, and provides customers with high performance solutions. ” Said Mr. Chen, the project manager from KSTAR.