KSTAR subsidiary in Vietnam will be completed


First phase production capacity will be 1GW solar inverters, 10,000 units of UPS, 1000 units of Micro module annually. The second phase will increase production of energy storage systems and charging pile products for electric vehicles.

The project will attract investment from upstream manufacturers to establish factories in Vietnam, and then gradually develop the supply chain of the PV supporting industries, and form an industrial cluster. Meanwhile, KSTAR subsidiary in Vietnam will increase the employment rate, train a number of skilled workers, and improve technological innovation capabilities. It is expected to add about 300 local jobs.

“In the future, KSTAR Vietnam will focus on international customers and help the head office to expand overseas markets. It will gradually build an overseas high-tech manufacturing-base integrating R&D, production and sales together to provide an enhanced level of service for customers.” Said Mr. Wang, a project manager from KSTAR.

The powerful CATL battery solution technology is very popular. KSTAR has been devoted to the energy storage market now and the future, and has enough intelligent technologies and applications. KSTAR and CATL entered into a major alliance in 2019, with the subsequent creation of CATL – KSTAR. Build an industry-leading digital and intelligent energy storage platform to empower a double-carbon strategy. Until now, KSTAR's energy storage system solutions are widely used in the United Arab Emirates, Russia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Italy and other countries.

In addition to the energy storage market, the company also plans to expand the production capacity of a number of data centers in Vietnam, covering UPS, residential inverters and other energy products.