Leading Grid Parity, Saiwei Launched New PV Silicon Products, Approval from Qian Yitai, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Chinese PV industry has once again shown the world a flourish by stable increasing installation during the past year and yet the pursuing target of grid parity is approaching. Industrial institutes forecast the total power generated by Chinese PV industry will achieve 231.2bn kWh in 2019 and by 2020 the total electricity power generated by PV will close to 300bn kWh.

Under this circumstance, Chinese PV companies increase investment in R&D and innovation to accelerate the early arrival of the grid parity era. As one of the outstanding representatives of China’s PV industry concentrated in technology innovation, Saiwei launched new Super “generators” of “Lush Mountains” series with large size—-DS-Mono wafers, “Lucid water” series of DS-mono silicon solar cell, and “Blue Sky” series with DS-mono module. The world’s first “Blue Sky” DS-mono module holds output more than 400W, and is more reliable and cost-effective, which brings more value to users. Saiwei takes the leading role when PV module heading to PV production version 4.0, which marked by output power of 400W. Besides, Saiwei officially launched 19 patents for cast mono ingot technology during the SNEC expo.

Refer to the new products developed with innovated technology and high level manufacturing, Mr. Qian Yitai, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) and honorary director of National PV Engineering Research Center, expressed that innovation is the core competitiveness of company and is also the key motivation for sustainable development of high efficiency products. Saiwei mono series of products combine characteristics of both casting mono silicon technology and Czochralski technique, which contributed multiple advantages such as lower cost, lower energy consumption, high quality and high efficiency, and will greatly promote the PV industry to grid parity.

New technology generation relies on efforts of Saiwei National PV Engineering Technology Research Center. As an important member of the think tank, Academician Qian Yitai said that Saiwei invested lots of manpower and resources in development of casting mono technology, and eventually, DS series of large size products have been created with more than 10 years’ unremitting efforts. Meanwhile, the whole industry was shocked by the new technology with many world-leading achievements and 19 core casting mono patents which will provide a strong impetus for the development of Saiwei.

It is worth mentioning that 19 core casting mono patents includes loading method of casting mono, casting method of mono silicon and preheat method of ingot casting, etc. Academician Qian Yitai emphasized: “These technologies are all created independently and have obtained intellectual property rights”. He then called for protection of patented intellectual property and pushing forward of development of national science and technology.