Leapting Rapidly Expands International Market with Its “Cleaning Robot”, Progressing as Scheduled with 450 MW Project


The solar power plant, with a total installed capacity of 450MW, is situated in Rajasthan, India, in an environment characterized by perennial arid dust. By deploying the LTCR G1 cleaning robot, the long-standing issues of “cleaning difficulty” and “high cleaning costs” that have plagued the power plant for years will finally be effectively resolved. “After comprehensive comparisons and evaluations, we ultimately chose Leapting for its equipment's outstanding quality and efficiency, as well as its essential technical aspects such as durability, reliability, and obstacle-avoidance capabilities,” stated a representative from the project owner. Following a thorough site visit to Leapting's headquarters, where they experienced first-hand the powerful capabilities encompassing research and development, production, testing, sales, and service throughout the entire value chain, they were immediately convinced to proceed with the purchase.

As the global photovoltaic industry continues to thrive, the detrimental effects of dust deposition on solar power plants are becoming increasingly severe. Particularly in India, where air pollution and extensive dust accumulation compound the issue, power plants can suffer from dust losses ranging from 10% to 25%, resulting in economic losses of nearly $800 million. Taking into account a 25-year cleaning cycle, equipping the power plant with cleaning robots would accumulate additional revenue of approximately $20 billion. “Compared to manual labor, robot cleaning not only boosts electricity generation revenue but also minimizes water waste resulting from manual cleaning,” emphasized Wang Shitao, the founder of Leapting. Upholding a customer-centric approach, centered around creating value for customers and fostering research and innovation, Leapting's ultimate commitment lies in achieving mutual success with its customers, serving as the driving force propelling their continuous progress.

【Leapting 丽天智能】

Leapting Technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, Manufacturing, Sales and Service of Intelligent solar cleaning and installation robots. As one of the industry's leading suppliers, we take visual recognition and adaptive navigation as the core technology, and combines IOT, AI and big data analysis to provide photovoltaic power stations with high performance, high-quality, cost-effective personalized cleaning solutions. With a strong focus on sustainability and responsibility, we aim to create a positive impact on the environment and society.

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