LG introduces the V5 series for the LG NeON 2 and LG Neon 2 Black


The introduction of the V5 series highlights LG Electronics’ investment in the development of innovative solar modules. The V5 series offers a linear performance guarantee of at least 89.6 per cent after 25 years, while the temperature coefficient has again been reduced to 0.36 per cent per degree Celsius. Other benefits include higher module performance of 340Wp on the Neon 2 and 325Wp on the Neon 2 black, as well as a reduced weight of 17.1kg.

Users benefit from optimised performance

The V5 series drives solar performance and is certified accordingly. The series meets the new standard IEC61215: 2016, which will become compulsory from the 1st of April this year.

“With the transition to the V5 series, we are offering more powerful and efficient modules to dealers, installers and end users,” said Michael Harre, Vice President of the EU Solar Business Group LG Electronics. “This gives our users added confidence that they are investing in most advanced and durable technology available.”

Learn more at www.lg-solar.com, the LG Solar YouTube channel and the LG Solar Blog.