Luxor Solar supplies Turkey with solar modules for 4 solar parks à 1 MWp


Luxor Solar also supplied 16.000 polycrystalline Ecoline LX-250P modules for installations in Isparta in the western Taurus mountain region, which were connected to the grid with ABB string inverters. Due to the high irradiation values and a feed-in tariff of approx. 11,7 cents per kWh, the PV installation will be amortised for its investors in approximately six years. All the electricity produced will be fed into the grid. When funding runs out in ten years, the electricity will be sold directly.

Luxor was chosen by local project partners Masfen Enerji, as its modules are ideal for this project. Winters can be very cold in Isparta, so extremely heat- and cold-resistant modules were required. Luxor’s excellent warranty conditions, rapid delivery, and the high level of trust in German brands were further criteria in the decision to opt for the Stuttgart brand manufacturer in this project.

For Turkey, solar power is becoming increasingly important in order to become less dependent on Russian gas and to ensure security of supply. With approximately 2735 hours of sunshine per year and an intensity of up to 1,500 kWh/kWp, the country on the Bosphorus has the highest solar potential in the whole of Europe. Industry representatives expect strong growth in 2016, with additional installations of at least 500 MW. In Turkey, the under-1-MW segment has so far been of particular interest, because it allows for the installation of licence-free PV systems. In this business model, 1 MW plants which are technically and legally separate are bundled into plants producing several megawatts, as in Isparta.

The polycrystalline Ecoline LX best-seller is a guarantee of high economic efficiency. The module’s excellent price and performance combine perfectly with the economic and geographical conditions in Turkey. The 60-cell module with a nominal power of 250 Wp and a comparatively low voltage makes it possible to install more modules per row and thus lay out the inverters in a more economically efficient manner. These polycrystalline cells are leaders in the 6” size. Their advantage: they can be manufactured more economically, and they stand out thanks to their low temperature coefficients.


Since 2004, Luxor Solar has been manufacturing brand solar modules in top German engineering quality. The company attaches especial importance to longevity, reliability and strict standards with 100% quality control. This is also true of their licenced partner production sites in Asia and Europe, which sustainably produce Luxor modules. With great success. The Eco Line 60 and Eco Line 72 are in reliable use throughout international solar markets. With experience of installing more than 6 million modules in over 30 countries, and with subsidiaries in Shanghai and Tokyo, Luxor Solar GmbH is working on energy concepts for tomorrow.

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