Manufacturing Advantage Translate Into Product Level Advantage


The smart manufacturing platform in JinkoSolar's newly operated GW scale Smart Factory is compatible with multiple process-control and data-management systems, as well as other manufacturing applications or “apps.” The production data correlated with quality data provide the opportunity for further increased efficiency and manufacturing optimization.

Known as the one of industry leaders in solar cell and panel manufacturing technology, the company has stayed ahead of its competitors by consistently delivering industry-leading manufacturing technologies to the market. It recently brought an enhanced version of its Cheetah series boosted 400 W, into volume manufacturing, betting on complete capacity climb in the early of 2019. Cheetah series feature a substantial output increase and reliability improvements. Given that JinkoSolar tends to be among the first adopters of IoT based smart manufacturing technologies, it's reasonable to expect that it expands gaps with its followers in terms of manufacturing excellence. That manufacturing advantage could translate into a product-level advantage, ultimately leading the Company to gain market segment share, benefit from gross profit margin increase, or some combination of the two.

That is reflected in JinkoSolar's Q2 report, saying the quarterly shipment of 2,794MW in Q2, gross profit increasing 11 per cent over the previous quarter and net profit of Q2 has an increase of 2653% from Q1 and 109% increase from the same quarter a year earlier.