Meteocontrol adds VCOM CMMS to PV monitoring portal


The VCOM Cloud is one of the world’s leading software solutions for monitoring and managing PV systems. As an open platform with the VCOM API interface, it facilitates streamlined data exchanges with other systems. The solution is enhanced by two mobile apps, VCOM Monitoring for investors and asset managers and VCOM O&M for service technicians. To make technical operation management even easier and more efficient, meteocontrol has now added the VCOM CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) to its monitoring system.

Fast troubleshooting thanks to automated processes
Processes triggered by fault detection are complex and frequently time consuming. VCOM CMMS greatly accelerates this activity. Thanks to digitalized processes, operation managers and service technicians have fast, smooth access to all information. The entire content range, including forms, service requests and service reports are compiled and digitally available from end to end – in six languages for the VCOM CMMS product launch. Informative reports can be easily generated for stakeholders, investors and asset managers. The system also lets users independently generate templates and forms in an already familiar software environment as well as adapt them to individual needs without requiring support.

VCOM CMMS for time-saving, connected work
This is how the VCOM CMMS works in the real world: After discovering a malfunction in the VCOM monitoring system – and if analysis shows a service operation is required – an operational manager will create a service request in the VCOM CMMS. The VCOM O&M app immediately sends the technician all the information needed to perform the on-site service job: from directions to the site to safety instructions and an exact description of the fault. The technician will work down the list of tasks, fill out the necessary documents and send them to the O&M manager after rectifying the fault. All information exchanged between the mobile end-devices is continuously synchronized, ensuring it is always up to date.

The demands placed on technical operation management are constantly rising, both in technical and business terms. PV systems and monitored portfolios are continuously growing. This creates tremendous price pressure.

“As a result, it’s that much more important to efficiently operate them in terms of time and costs,” said Martin Schneider, managing director of meteocontrol. “O&M managers, service technicians and asset managers require a solution that’s designed exactly to meet their needs and facilitates efficient operations. Our VCOM CMMS succeeds in doing this. Using agile methods, we’ll also continuously fine-tune the system. We’ll integrate new functions and provide monthly releases. We developed the VCOM CMMS in cooperation with highly respected international customers and received very positive feedback after a multi-month test phase.”