Mibet: Choice of Tracker in PV System


As the bone of a photovoltaic power station, supporting racks and module tracker are playing more and more important role in PV systems. With full functions of fixing, supporting, and rotating for PV modules, the particularly designed mechanism helps PV modules to achieve best operation performance and the entire power station with expected return on investment (ROI).

Compared with conventional racks, tracker is more popular with investors world widely because of significant improvement to power generation, especially with the spreading of bifacial PV module products since 2019. According to efficiency comparison of actual PV power stations with rack and tracker in same area of Xiamen City of China’s Fujian Province, by Mibet Energy, a leading rack and tracker manufacturer, the power output of Mibet’s MRac smart horizontal single axis tracker achieved 16% more than that of conventional fixed racks.

Different latitude and different terrain requires different trackers. Based on years of industrial experience and hundreds of PV power stations, Mibet proposes a general tracker recommendation for its customers.

In areas of middle and low latitudes (near the equator), horizontal single axis tracker and horizontal single axis tracker with inclination are recommended. While in high latitudes, tilt single axis, double axis, horizontal single axis tracker with inclination would be better. This is because the sun angle is higher in low latitude area, horizontal placement of PV module would achieve better Sunlight incident angle which make better module performance. However, in high latitude areas, tilt single axis and other recommendations will do the same thing.

On flat or gentle slope terrain, utilizing of horizontal single axis tracker or tilt single axis tracker would save system cost and improve system performance. On rugged or hills Mibet highly recommend to utilize columned single axis or even double axis tracker to achieve best system performance.

However, the same requirement for tracker as for racks stays harsh and difficult: robust structure for resistance of wind pressure, snow pressure, earthquake, and preservative, working properly in severe environment for up to or more than 25 years. Meanwhile, all racks and trackers have to comply with industrial standards of where the project locates including structure, components, compressive specification, environmental indicator, and etc. These all require tracker manufacturer to investigate more to provide better products and solutions.

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To fulfill different requirements and needs from customers of different markets, Mibet uses advanced simulation software to simulate the actual project in an initial period. With input of system parameters including location attitude, ground slope, module specification, and etc., Mibet’s simulation software will automatically generate the best site layout and installation angle. With predicted snow height, flood height, weed height, the system will give a best installation height.

When in structure analysis and layout planning, Mibet will calculate and predict the actual structure state based on structure design, force analysis including wind, and help customers to analyze the geometric structure, internal force, bending moment, ultimate load, section force and other data that matters in the system to make sure the entire system stability.

Considering the complexity of on-site installation, Mibet creatively designed components with shorter installation time and lower probability of error to achieve fast on-site assembly and installation. With highly pre-assembled product, customer can select the most suitable components for projects in different scenarios or with different requirements.

For example, to make easier and faster on-site assembly and installation, most supporting items were designed in shape of wave, so that the two parts can perfectly fit with each other, and can move freely for easy adjustability on height. Slot and pin are utilized to connect rails and the pins can move and install freely in the slot. This greatly improved the ease of use and efficiency of the product.

Mibet has won and finished installation of hundreds of solar PV projects, with total capacity of 8 GW, located in almost all kind of terrain in over one hundred countries due to the stability, reliability and economy of its tracker and racks products. A recent example is the astonishing solar PV station on roof of the largest railway station of Asia, the Xiong An High Speed Railway Station. With beating several strong competitors, Mibet won the bid and provided all the racks for this eye-catching distributed PV project.

Trackers of Mibet Energy utilized in a PV Power Station

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