Mibet Energy Supplies 28.5 MW Racks for Japanese PV Park


The racks delivered to this solar PV was from Mibet’s PGT8 series support product which was designed very adaptable for complex terrain environment. And the PGT8 rack was found greatly improving the convenience of slope construction and reducing the installation cost of both time and money on the slope terrain by the investor and construction contractor.

The contractor has plenty of development experience of solar PV project on different kind of terrains around Japan. It initialed this solar park in July 2020 to supply green power to nearby community residents. The park started construction in April and is estimated to finish by next February.

When receiving inquiries and requirements from the contractor, Mibet immediately established a project team and responded in short time with an initial scheme. After several rounds of talking and discussion, the contractor soon decided to have Mibet Energy as the rack supplier.

“It didn’t cost us much time to make the decision and work with Mibet Energy and their rack products. Not only because Mibet provided with a very competitive price, but also because of their customer-oriented service and quick response.” Said by the project manager of the contractor. “We are happy in the following work with Mibet as they kept their service quality and also the product is very good!” he added.

“We worked very hard and provided three possible design in only one week after receiving customer’s inquiry. Only two weeks after the decision was made, Mibet started to ship the first batch of rack products.” said by Mr. Cai, the engineer of project team. “Because Mibet has a series of products which are adaptable for different terrain, and also due to our experienced engineering team and their hardworking, we can give the best scheme and product for our customers, no matter where on this planet,” Cai added with pride.

The Nishishonai-cho PV project is one more influential PV park Mibet Energy won in Japan, after previous 54 MW in Tochigi-ken. And this will help Mibet to be better known by local customers and enhance the business reputation. The company plans to continue its marketing in Japan for more solar PV projects.