Mibet: Shining on the Roof of Asia’s Largest Railway Station


The Xiongan Railway Station, which with land occupation of over 680,000 meters square, surrounded with halos since the date of its approval: the largest one of Asia, unique architecture design, attached with many advanced technologies, and powered by green energy, the solar PV power.

The rooftop of main station’s building is covered by solar PV modules with total area of around 42,000 meters square. The total installation is up to 6 MW which will generate over 5.8 GWh each year for the power demand of the station.

Mibet Energy, a Chinese Fujian based rack and tracker supplier, with honor provided the entire rooftop plant with its high quality steel tilt bracket.

“This project is very important for us because Xiongan Station is a landmark building in North China, but it is also a great challenge to us,” said by Leo Lin, Mibet’s sales director of Great China region, who participated the whole process from bidding to delivery and installation assistance. “Within only two months, our sales and technical team worked closely with the EPC and design consultant day and night. With our layout analysis and deep customization based on customer’s requirements, we provided the EPC with specially designed rack product which received high praise from them. With approval of the rack model we modified our production lines and finished all the production and delivery in short time.” added by Leo Lin.

“The support structure designed particularly suitable to the rooftop of the station and has significantly improved the redundancy of roof load. We were very pleased to have Mibet as our partner of module support.” Said by David Wu, on-site supervision manager of the installation contractor.

Leo Lin, the domestic sales director of Mibet Energy is satisfied with performance of his team in this project. He expressed his gratitude to the project of Xiongan Railway Station, “this project has tested our overall ability, including sales, design, technical support, teamwork, manufacturing, logistics control, and etc. Mibet has been proved capable to meet requirements of customers in such a complex environment.”

About Mibet Energy

Established in 2012, Mibet New Energy is growing a leading solar PV mounting system supplier. With over 3 GW annual production capacity, the company has cumulated shipment of 10 GW racks and trackers for customers of over 100 countries and regions.