Milltech Algeria launches strategic initiatives in Solar Modules Manufacturing: Reliability & bankability, increase capacity and technology transfer with Tier 1 Player


To be in line with the 4GW recently announced solar program in Algeria we have taken several initiatives in the aim of providing a) Reliable and Bankable products, b) Latest technologies available in the market, c) Prepare for ramp to provide enough capacity and d) Finally put in place a strategic partnership with Tier 1 world players.

Quality/Reliability: In order to provide high quality standards products, we have launched at Milltech very high standards reliability testing’s the same used by Tier1 manufacturers around the world as well as high quality manufacturing processes.

Our aim is that our customers produces green and reliable energy for all life cycle of solar modules.

Among standards we will provide are:  IEC61215:2016 (TUV) GERMANY, IEC61730:2016 (TUV), ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015, together with OHSAS 18001:2007.

PV Modules Technologies available at MillTech: Our customers can order today 60 and 72 cells modules Poly and MonoPerc modules, Glass-Glass and bifacial technologies, Power output can go as high as 390Wp. Half cut cells will be available in Q1-2021. We can also make OEM products should they need a specific Module name / brand.

Ramp-up strategy/projection: We currently have 100MW yearly capacity which is insignificant with regards to Algeria program hence we are already putting together a ramp-up plan to double capacity in 2021 – by just adding two equipment’s and we plan to exceed 500MW by 2022.

Joint venture with Tier 1 leader: Milltech vision is to partner with Tier1 leaders hence we have already transferring technology from a reputable silicon, wafers, cells and modules giant players to make sure Milltech will always stay at forefront of the technology and provide competitive leading products to our customers in Algeria and Africa.