my-PV strengthens sales due to high demand


“The crisis also reinforced the trend towards more sustainability, independence and self-supply – this was an advantage for our growth,” Dr. Gerhard Rimpler, my-PV CEO, is convinced. Innovative products from the technology forge in Upper Austria utilize usage of PV excess energy for hot water and space heating. Thus my-PV offers a lucrative alternative to low feed tariffs. Increased sales could be achieved both domestic and international. Dr. Rimpler: “We currently have an export ratio of over 80 percent – and the trend is rising.”

For this reason, my-PV strengthened its international sales staff as of October 1st, 2020. Increasing internationality is also reflected in the new sales employee, Tallal Butt: The graduate of the master's program “Sustainable Systems Engineering” at the University of Freiburg, Germany, was born in Pakistan and lived for years in Saudi Arabia. After completing his master's degree, Tallal Butt worked for several years at the Fraunhofer Institute in Hamburg on various projects revolving around renewable energy and e-mobility. “What excites me about the new challenge is to expand my-PV international sales and to distribute our innovative products around the globe,” explains Tallal Butt.