N-type Technology Pioneer Yingli Solar Maintains High Popularity in SNEC


As the SNEC entered the second day, Yingli Solar, still enjoying high popularity, displayed its smart products and cutting-edge technologies, shared its exclusive ideas, gaining wide recognition. Here are more details about the spectacle at Yingli Solar's exhibition stand today.

Yingli PANDA N-type TOPCon Helps PV Industry Realize Leapfrog Development

The SNEC 2023 Global Advanced PV Technology Conference was held during the exhibition. In the event, covering all fields of PV technologies, experts discussed how to further reduce cost and increase efficiency and promote healthy competition and development of the industry while improving product quality. On the afternoon of May 24, Wang Ziqian, Senior R&D Engineer of Solar Cell of Yingli Solar, gave a keynote speech titled “A Study of Mass Production TOPCon Cell Technology”, in which he shared with present scholars the latest achievements of Yingli Solar's PANDA 3.0 N-type TOPCon cells in improving conversion efficiency, new supplementary lighting and metallization technology.

On the morning of May 25, Jiang Jingna, R&D Engineer of Yingli Solar, gave a keynote speech titled “LCOE Model of Photovoltaic Power Generation Based on Multiple Factors Analysis” at the Global Advanced PV Technology Conference. Based on 14 years of experience in N-type technology R&D and project application, Yingli Solar has come to the conclusion that temperature coefficient and ground reflectance at a project application scenario have a great impact on LCOE. Yingli Solar's PANDA N-type TOPCon modules boast a low-temperature coefficient and higher backside power generation, which can achieve better power generation, lower LCOE and economical performance in practical application.

Unveiling Product Secrets  Yingli Solar's PANDA Series Leads N-type Technological Revolution

At the SNEC, the new PANDA 3.0 Series products released by Yingli Solar caught wide attention. Li Yabin, Product Director of Yingli Solar, explained the technological development, R&D achievements, project application and future development of Yingli Solar's PANDA 3.0 Series, which showed the incomparable advantages of Yingli Solar's N-type TOPCon in technological innovation and application adaptation. With high power, high efficiency, high bifacial rate and high reliability, the new PANDA 3.0 Series modules can be perfectly adapted to different application scenarios such as nearshore and offshore floating power stations, residential roofs and utility power plant stations, providing customers with more flexible, diversified and reliable PV energy solutions.

With Recognized Strength  Yingli Solar Wins Multiple Top Certifications and Awards

In addition to the widely-recognized new PANDA 3.0 Series products, Yingli Solar has also won many top certifications and awards in the industry during the SNEC. On the first day of the exhibition, EUPD Research, a global authoritative PV industry research institution, announced that Yingli Solar won the 2023 Top Brand PV certification in important PV markets such as Brazil, the Czech Republic, the Middle East and North Africa. Also, Yingli Solar is named the “Top Performer” module manufacturer by PVEL, the world's leading independent third-party PV tester, for the outstanding performance and reliability of its highly efficient modules. These honors are not only a recognition of Yingli Solar's independent R&D and unremitting pursuit of excellent performance over the years, but also an incentive and inspiration for its future development.

On the road of chasing light, Yingli Solar, as the pioneer of N-type technology, will continue to devote itself to PV technological innovation and industrial upgrading, and create and share the Epoch N.