Net metering – new function in EasySolar app


Net-metering, a popular renewables incentive around the world, is now available in EasySolar app. Revenues both from partial and full net-metering can be calculated in the software together with any other support mechanism.

EasySolar app helps solar companies to streamline the PV design and proposal process and close deals faster. The PV layout can be created on image, Google Maps or sketch with few clicks. The process can be started during the site visit via mobile app engaging the potential customer in their PV system. Mobile apps (Android and iOS) are equipped with such measurement tools as rooftop inclination and orientation as well as obstacles shadow simulation. Then, the project can be finished and polished in the office on web browser app. The app generates a fully-manageable 14-sections of customer proposal in PDF file. The document can be easily adapted to corporate visual identity and increase sales opportunities.