New FuturaSun Silk Pro module, a combination of Pro elements: in the wafer, cell, and module


FuturaSun further expands its range and offers the Silk Pro module, a technological evolution of the Silk module, which has been very popular and available on the market for three years. The Italian FuturaSun team has designed an upgrade with surprising new results. Introducing Silk Pro, and in that “Pro” exists real technological growth.

The monocrystalline Silk Pro module features 120 multi-busbar half-cut PERC cells, laminated and framed on a size of 1765 x 1048 mm, similar to traditional 60-cell modules.

A key feature of the new module is its power; in fact, it reaches up to 375 Watts in just 1.85 square meters of surface area. Basically, you simply need an area of less than 15 square meters, such as the canopy of a single parking space, to build a 3 kW residential system. An achievement that was unthinkable just a few years ago.

But there are many other factors that make FuturaSun Silk Pro extremely innovative and high-performance. Let’s look at some of the more important factors in detail.

  • Also with this FuturaSun panel, the new module further confirms an excellent thermal coefficient, which stands at -0.38 %/°C and, above all, its efficiency, up to 20.3 %.
  • Silk Pro offers excellent yields even in the event of shading on the surface. This is because the module is made up of two independent sections: the shaded part of the panel does not compromise the performance of the entire module, as happens on normal panels, because the other half, which is not shaded, continues to produce energy to its full potential.
  • Its increased efficiency is also thanks to its round ribbon technology, already tested in its predecessor, the Silk module, with excellent results and popularity on the market. The round ribbon permits higher efficiency even in low radiation conditions: not only does it reduce the darkened area on the cell, but it amplifies the light reflection on the round body of the ribbon, reducing dispersion of the reflected light, benefiting photovoltaic cell production.


  • The great innovation of the “Pro” lies in its combination of 166 mm silicon wafers with multi-busbar technology and half-cut design: on the one hand improving the cell performance and, on the other hand, the efficiency of the panel and its durability. In fact, solar cells cut in half produce more energy because the halved size positively affects resistive losses. As they are smaller, they suffer less mechanical stress and there is a reduced chance of micro cracks. There is also a lower risk of Hot Spots. In addition, this combination reduces the operating current and internal resistance, increasing the output power.

Alongside the standard Silk Pro model, FuturaSun has also designed and manufactures the slightly larger “large” version (2108 x 1048 mm), which reaches a power output of 455 W with 144 PERC cells, with all other features of the line being equal.