Peimar incorporates a new Sales Manager for Latin America team with the aim of reaching new markets


“I am very excited to be part of the Peimar Latin America team and collaborate in the commercialization and generation of awareness of the Peimar brand for solar panels, which offers a timely alternative with great advantages in the PV industry due to the high quality and competitive price of its products, allowing South America the use of one of its best natural resources due to its strategic geographical position ”, said Edson Medina, Sales Manager for Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

Peimar Latin América, S.A. understanding the great potential of the Latin American market due to its high rates of solar radiation and the needs for less expensive alternative energy, in 2018 opened a warehouse in the strategic location of Panama with inventory of the full range of panels, from 10 W to 450W; Peimar also has a country branch in Panama City where it centralizes commercial and operational management covering Central and South America, including Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.

Value Proposition for Latin America

All activities conducted so far have greatly assisted in the creation of awareness for the Peimar brand and our existing distributors in Central America, Panama and South America value the “Made in Italy” quality, the just-in-time delivery, facilitating the management of their PV projets and improving rates of return on investment. All of these supported by Peimar’s industry leading warranty of 30 years for production and 20 years for product defects, said Julieta Miranda Sales Manager for Latin America.