Poland’s Edison Energia launches a 200 MWp module tender


The issued request for quotations spans a wide variety of models, including monofacial modules 350-500 Wp, bifacial panels for farm projects and full-blacks for premium rooftop installations.

As Kamil Sankowski, Edison Energia's Chief Commercial Officer explains: Our ambition is to spearhead Poland and Central Europe's energy transition on many levels. Since our inception, we have built a strong reputation as a provider of high-quality installations for prosumers.

In 2020 we added heat pumps to our offering and started building a portfolio of PV farm projects. As of January 2021, we are also launching a new product line to offer high-quality installations to more price-sensitive customers.  This diversity of offerings requires a tailored module portfolio.

The tender is not designed to be focused on price alone. Bartosz Majewski, the Group's COO, makes this clear: At Edison Energia, we have always been committed to providing our clients with the most technologically advanced and reliable equipment possible. Hence our continuing cooperation with leading global manufacturing brands.

For example, our farm projects are the first in the country to utilize Jinko's latest Tiger Pro bifacial models. The bidding process is managed by Edison Energia's wholly-owned subsidiary Menlo Electric, responsible for procurement and logistics for companies within the group, as well as affiliated partners.

Consolidating procurement for all companies within Menlo Electric allows us to fully reap effects of scale, as well as manage our exposure to changing exchange rates and logistics costs -says Menlo Electric's CFO, Marta Walendzewicz. The bids are expected by February 5th and final orders are expected to be signed soon after.