Positive reaction by major Greek PV equipment manufacturers for the initiation of anti-dumping investigation on P/V panel imports from China by the EU Commission


Following the filing of the complaint by EU ProSun, the EU Commission launched an investigation which is expected to last approximately 15 months. However, the Commission may impose, provided there is sufficient prima facie evidence of dumping, provisional anti-dumping duties within 9 months. After thorough examination of the case, the Commission will establish if there has been dumping and whether the injury allegedly suffered has been caused by the dumped imports.

The Commission’s decision will be delivered by December 2013 at the latest, and could even involve the imposition of definitive anti-dumping measures for a duration of five years. The issue of the Chinese dumping practices has been also targeted recently through measures, adopted by certain EU countries, including Greece, in the form of local content requirement provisions that provide a bonus on the FiT granted to PV energy producers using a specific percentage of EU produced P/V equipment.

More specifically, Greece adopted similar measures, following consultation with the industry and a legal opinion on the legality of the measure, drafted by Metaxas and Associates Law Firm, through Law 4062/2012, which introduces a 10 % bonus on the feed-in-tariff if EU produced PV equipment is used.

Major Greek PV equipment producers, represented by Law Firm Metaxas & Associates, have expressed today their positive reaction to this investigation by the EU Commission since any effort to restore undistorted competition conditions in the global PV Market must be welcome.