Power Practical crowdfunds Solar Stash for the holidays

Power Practical an innovator in alternative energy products, released a new product today for crowd funding on Indiegogo (www.indiegogo.com/solar-stash/x/1855585). The Solar Stash is a rugged yet beautiful portable solar panel, built specifically for working remotely to charge cell phones, GPS and other USB compatible devices off the electrical grid.

Inherent utility aside, technological improvements give The Solar Stash an upper hand thanks to The Practical Meter. The Practical Meter shows users how much power is being supplied to their USB device, through 5 LED lights – each light signifying 1 Watt of power. The Practical Meter helps users understand how to position their panel but also provides realistic charging times. The Practical Meter is also designed to work with any USB compatible charger. In addition to The Practical Meter, The Solar Stash is also 40% smaller and 15% lighter than comparable panels, making it an ideal tool for any backpacking kit.

Keeping a larger goal in mind, Power Practical will leverage key partnerships to distribute the panels throughout regions of Sub-Saharan Africa where safe, reliable and affordable energy is a luxury. Half of the proceeds from initial production will jumpstart a new solar evergreen fund with Solar Sister (www.solarsister.org) whereby Power Practical donates one panel for every panel purchased.

With the aforementioned research and development complete, The Solar Stash is ready in time for the holiday season. Should the funding goal be met, a purchaser or gift recipient will have their Solar Stash in time for spring backpacking (April) and provide a panel to someone in need of energy independence. Support The Solar Stash on Indiegogo or visit www.solarstash.com for more information.