Powerway completes off-grid PV projects in Hong Kong

Powerway focuses on projects involving sophisticated solar mounting structures, as well as the corresponding equipment, R&D, and production. The company has won the trust of its customers because of its consistently sound designs and products, and its large portfolio of successful domestic and international projects.

Hong Kong’s geographical location and abundant sunshine are very favorable, making PV projects there popular and numerous. Designs have to be flexible, however, changing according to the needs of specific projects. For this, Powerway conducts site investigations before creating the project’s design.

The company’s engineering and design staff spare no effort in their on-site inspections, and then adjust measurements to local conditions, in order optimize the site’s potential and meet customer expectations. This project was no exception, as customers praised Powerway’s custom-designed roofing system, its supporting installation plan, and its products.

Powerway and its prominent local partner have built a long-term strategic, cooperative, relationship. With the implementation of this contract, both parties have gained the confidence to expand the scope of their cooperation to future projects.