PV coating technology – vacuum solutions from research to mass production


The full-line vacuum portfolio offered by Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is supports all manufacturing processes within photovoltaic (PV) applications in the rough, medium, high and ultra-high vacuum regime. Pumping technologies, systems and services include components, standardized systems and fully customized vacuum solutions. The product range comprises oil sealed rotary vane and piston pumps, dry compressing and oil-free pumps, vacuum boosters, turbomolecular, oil diffusion and cryogenic vacuum pumps, as well as standard and customized research coating systems.

Repair and remanufacturing of all brands of vacuum pumps complement the vacuum portfolio. From the research stages of PV and nano technologies, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers customers optimized vacuum solutions, driving down cost of ownership and enhancing production reliability and profitability. The well known Univex line of universal experimentation PVD vacuum coating systems for use in research and development, and pilot production applications is available in configurations of varying chamber capacities utilizing bell jars, stainless steel box chambers and cluster tool configurations, Univex is offered with many standard features and options including high vacuum pump systems, power supplies, PLC, a variety of substrate holders, film thickness and vacuum measurement, cooling and heating systems, feedthroughs, view windows and gas admission.

Various models of thermal and electron beam evaporators, DC and RF sputtering sources, organic evaporators and loadlock versions are available. “The Univex family of universal experimentation systems is another example of modern vacuum process engineering in an already broad portfolio of turn-key vacuum system solutions offered by Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum. Our customers can enjoy one-stop-shopping for their research and development or pilot production coating systems. They can select from a wide range of standard and multi-purpose configurations based upon their specific requirements plus be assured of support coverage for the entire project from engineering consultation, installation and training to service when selecting Univex,” says Brett A. Rock, regional marketing manager at Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum USA.

The Univex difference advantages for its experimentation coating systems include: (i) adaptable for use in all vacuum PVD coating processes; (ii) modular system design allows easy retrofits and upgrades; (iii) modern vacuum pump systems are adapted to customer specific process ; and (iv) compact and simple to operate and use the Univex in action.

The application range Univex covers is vacuum coating in research and development, and pilot production – solar power and PV research, sensor technology, optoelectronics, passive components, metallurgical, soldering, latent finger print detection (VMD), glove box integration, thermal conduction and special experiments.