PVNavigator and County of San Bernardino look into PV facility for Milliken Sanitary Landfill


The facility is planned to be sized at five MW (AC). Power is expected to be sold to Southern California Edison and/or the Ontario Airport to assist the utility and the airport in meeting their renewable energy portfolio goals. When online, the project will be the only renewable, commercial-scale solar development on a closed municipal landfill in Ontario.

PNL has 14 years of experience in the reuse of closed landfills. These capabilities have been integrated with PNL’s more recently developed solar power expertise, under PVNavigator, to negotiate, engineer, finance and construct small-scale, landfill-located, distributed solar power projects nationwide.

Robert Potter, Project Manager at PVN, commented, “This project moves us one step closer to our goals of developing renewable, solar energy solutions on brownfields and urban-located closed landfills that are otherwise deemed as unusable land.” PVN will manage all phases of the Milliken PV solar project including design, permitting, financing and implementation.

The landfill solar project will deliver a local, green source of power to the community, while preserving land resources. With the “site control” option agreement in place, PNL will now enter into work on three fronts; namely, an interconnect application, CEQA compliance and power marketing.