Q CELLS modules power 2.5 MW rooftop project at 21 supermarket sites in Italy


Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH (“Q CELLS” or “The Company”), the German subsidiary of one of the largest solar cell and module manufacturers in the world, Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd, has supplied 2.529 MW of solar modules to Manni Energy Srl, the Italian solar developer for Its Project F.

The Project consists of a total of 21 PV arrays across 21 supermarket rooftops and was commissioned by an Italian company, which operates in the large-scale retail channel.

In total, 8,895 multicrystalline solar modules Q.PLUS-G4.3 from Q CELLS have been installed at the 21 sites, which are clustered around the industrialized regions of Lombardia (13 supermarkets), Veneto (three supermarkets), Emilia-Romagna (four supermarkets) and Piemonte (one supermarket). Combined, the 2.529 MW solar project will save an estimated 1,229,221 Kg of CO² every year, delivering clean solar energy that will be self-consumed by each supermarket.

C&I rooftop solar a growing sector for Italy

Completed early this year, Project F is part of a growing trend in Italy – particularly northern Italy – to embrace the green and cost benefits of solar power. Italy has now surpassed 20 GW of cumulative solar PV capacity, having grown by more than 430 MW in 2018, according to official installation data provided by grid operator Terna.

The bulk of 2018’s growth – 389.6 MW – wasadded in the Italian solar rooftop sector, with installations not exceeding 20 kW comprising the largest share, at 218.8 MW. This means that almost half of all Italian PV capacity added in 2018 was installed on rooftops within the power range of residential homes and smaller commercial and industrial (C&I) premises.

The 20 kW – 100 kW power range is also a fast-growing segment, reaching more than 75 MW of new installation capacity in 2018. Italy’s net metering program for C&I projects has helped to sustain this growth in the sector, while the continued decline of solar component costs is also making PV an increasingly attractive proposition for businesses in Italy.

Alessio Palla, Senior Key Account Manager Italy for Q CELLS, said: “The Italian commercial and industrial solar sector is an exciting place to be right now, thanks to lower component costs that make solar PV an attractive prospect for many small businesses looking to self-consume the electricity they generate onsite. Q CELLS was delighted to work with Manni Energy Srl on this project, which highlights the enduring potential of solar energy as an affordable, decentralized source of electricity in Italy.”

Stefano Grassi, Project Manager of Project F at Manni Energy Srl, added: “We selected the Q.PLUS-G4.3 solar module from Q CELLS because it demonstrated to us a good balance on price and performance; it is a versatile and reliable solar module that is ideal for the northern Italian climate. Besides, for most of the projects, we also chose the Q.FLAT mounting system for its versatility and fast installation.”

A supermarket rooftop is an ideal location for solar installations, but not all rooftops are created equal – as Githo Bezaka, Product Application Engineer at Q CELLS, explains. “Of the 21 separate installations, 13 were completed using Q CELLS’ Q.FLAT-G5 mounting system, with a further six using the Q.FLAT-G4 mounting system, and two that use Q.MOUNT system, which is required when installing on sloping roofs. For the flat roof installations, the Q.FLAT-G4 and G5 systems ensured that each array was installed in the shortest time possible, which helped to lower installation costs for the customer.”