R.Power Group wins PV auctions in Italy


The R.Power Group has informed that it has secured a portfolio of PV investments of a total power of 21 MWP in the auctions won in Italy. As a result of winning the auctions, support was guaranteed for a period of twenty years – based on Italian law. The power plants are in regions with good sunny conditions, such as Umbria and Sicily.

“Within a few years we want to be one of the leading independent producers of green electricity in Europe. The auctions won in Italy are a small step in the context of our entire portfolio, but a very big boost for our international expansion. We have proven that we can develop and sell investments anywhere, regardless of the geographical location” says Przemek Pięta, CEO of R.Power.

For the R.Power Group, these are the first winning photovoltaic investments under the Italian public support scheme. The investments have been developed from the greenfield to the ready-to-build stage. The R.Power Group is currently systematically increasing the number of investments developed in Italy. Once built, the PV power plants will become part of R.Power Group's own project portfolio under the IPP (independent power producer) concept.

In the case of most investments, tracking systems will be installed, allowing the photovoltaic modules to be moved and positioned at the best angle to the sun. This will significantly increase energy yields, as well as make it easier to maintain the equipment. According to the auction requirements – PV power plants should be commissioned by 2024 at the latest. The company Nomad Electric will be responsible for farm productivity, operations and maintenance (O&M).