R.POWER has signed the largest contract for the utility scale solar inverters in CEE


As part of the December 2019 wind and photovoltaic auction for projects up to 1 MWp, over 11.43 TWh of electricity worth over PLN 3.6 billion was sold. Most of it will be generated by R.POWER, which has secured the rights to sell electricity for projects of a capacity of 122 MWp. The company announced today that it has signed a contract for the supply of Huawei SUN2000 105KTL series inverters, which will be used in the construction of photovoltaic farms.

In the implementation of our projects, we use the highest-quality equipment produced by industry leaders. However, we also remember local companies, which provide us with executive services, and transformer stations, structures and cabling. This model ensures high quality, and is beneficial for the development of the entire solar industry and economy in Poland,” says Przemysław Pięta, co-founder and President of R.POWER.

R.POWER is a strategic business partner for us, and so we're even more delighted that we've managed to sign such a large contract. On a national and regional scale, this is one of the largest projects carried out by our office,” says Maciej Bąkała, Business Development Manager at Huawei.

Huawei has been developing its SUN2000 hardware platform since 2013. The company was the first to introduce support for bifacial modules and sun tracking systems, as well as machine learning algorithms for remote diagnostics and fire risk reduction (AI). Currently, Huawei has a leading track record in implementing AI technology into PV, including AFCI and Smart I-V Diagnosis with AI algorithms, helping customers achieve even more benefits. Huawei's Value Added Partner – Photomate s.r.o. – will coordinate equipment delivery to R.POWER.