Sharp and SAT Solar Swiss AG enter into partnership to capture rooftop project business in Switzerland


The SAT Solar Group, based in Ermatingen / Thurgau in Switzerland, has specialized in premium photovoltaic components as a distributor “SAT Solar International AG” since 2005. Since 2011, SAT Solar Swiss AG has been developing and installing turnkey photovoltaic systems as a general contractor.

The goal of this partnership is to realize self-consumption driven industrial-commercial photovoltaic projects in Switzerland. As part of the collaboration, Sharp and SAT Solar Swiss AG start with a first cooperation of a 1MW delivery for rooftop projects followed by others during the next years.

In addition to its products, Sharp also brings over 60 years of experience in the photovoltaic business, especially in technical details, and has extensive expertise in the area of PV panels for the industrial-commercial roof-top segment.

SAT Solar Swiss AG strengths lies in turn-key photovoltaic solutions from a single source. The PV systems are implemented from planning through construction to operation and service. SAT Solar Swiss AG brings its many years of experience in the field of industrial-commercial rooftop PV projects to the table.

This partnership allows Sharp to expand its capacities for delivering into PV industrial-commercial rooftop systems in Switzerland. Sharp has been successful worldwide as panel supplier as well as an EPC for many years.

Carsten Hergt, VR, SAT Solar Swiss AG, states that, “From the very beginning, SAT Solar Swiss AG has made it its mission to install only the highest quality solar modules and other PV components. With over 15 years of experience in the international PV market, we have remained true to our premise of cooperating with a few trusted partners for many years. We are very pleased to be working with Sharp in Switzerland, as we have received zero complaints about the more than 40,000 SHARP modules that have been delivered all over Europe and they have been reliably producing clean electricity for nearly 15 years.”

Simon Betka, Sales Manager, SHARP Energy Solutions Europe: “Our strategic direction envisions constant expansion of delivering into industrial-commercial rooftop projects in Switzerland. By being the panel supplier, SAT Solar benefits from the advantages that we, as panel supplier, can contribute to our partnerships: direct access to production capacity and technical expertise are just two examples. What we particularly like about our collaboration with SAT Solar Swiss AG is the professionality in the segment of industrial-commercial rooftop systems, especially as the market in Switzerland is very much self-consumption driven.”