SMA exceeds 400 MW solar inverter sales in Vietnam


With the country directing itself to a robust and sustainable energy environment, the turnkey SMA Medium Voltage Power Station (MVPS) proves to be the right solution for the different requirements in Southeast Asia. The robust turnkey container solution, including Sunny Central inverters, a powerful medium-voltage transformer and a medium-voltage switchgear, is easy to transport and allows for fast commissioning. The MVPS is ready for global outdoor use.

“Vietnam is one of the key markets for SMA in Southeast Asia,” said Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President of the Utility business unit at SMA. “In the last few years, we have seen a strong commitment from the Vietnamese government as well as the growing market demand in the solar sector. Thanks to SMA’s technological advancements, the various stages of project execution have been eminently simplified.

“A major feature to aid this is the MVPS, a true outdoor plug and play container solution which ensures faster and safer transportation and commissioning. The Sunny Central inverters are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany and undergo severe testing processes. With its patented OptiCool cooling system, they are true outdoor inverters ready to face the crucial challenges posed by demanding environmental conditions.”

“We are very happy to see that the Vietnamese market for utility-scale PV power plants is progressing toward the nation’s new-era energy goals,” said John Susa, Executive Vice President, Sales – APAC / North America. “SMA is strongly committed to the Vietnamese market and has pledged its expertise in the progress of the industry.

“With the factory warranty, which can be extended up to 25 years, SMA technology is bridging the gap between durability and reliability. The environment condition certification of 4S2, 4C2 as per IEC 60721-3-4: 1995 helps SMA and our customers to get the best out of technology even through the harshest environmental conditions. A full range of solar inverters with highest standard of quality and reliability hence helps SMA maintain a leading position in the Vietnamese solar market.”