SMA repowering making PV power plants fit for the future


The packages include state-of-the-art hardware and software along with enhanced servicing and maintenance programs. Operators and investors stand to benefit from higher yields, cutting-edge technologies, additional operational capabilities and SMA warranties.

System availability is a key factor in PV system profitability – and it can be improved significantly through modernization. In addition to enhancing performance and increasing energy yields, modernization not only equips PV power plants with modern energy management functions, storage integration interfaces and energy trade connection interfaces, but also upgrades them in line with the latest cybersecurity standards. A PV power plant that has been modernized by specialists is longer-lasting and, in turn, much more profitable. Modernization also avoids servicing costs and output losses caused by aging components.

“The technology deployed in the field of PV power plants has advanced at a rapid pace these last few years,” said Boris Wolff, Executive Vice President of SMA’s Utility business unit. “Over the past two years, we have increasingly seen that older PV power plants, in particular, no longer satisfy all the requirements of modern and future-proof energy generation. This can be down to poor quality, outdated technology, insufficient maintenance or a shortage of spare parts. Manufacturers withdrawing from the PV business is often a factor as well,” Boris Wolff added. “In addition, changes in the general conditions are giving rise to new business models that cannot be leveraged with the existing installed technology.”

SMA is now offering the new Engineering Services to determine modernization requirements across the globe. The Engineering Services experts ensure that new components, services and software solutions are customized to the specific PV power plant and ambient conditions. Country-specific requirements of, for example, grid operators are also taken into consideration.

All information on SMA Repowering solutions and products as well as on the new Engineering Services is available here.