Socomec’s energy storage solution a finalist in the EES Awards


EES Europe, Europe's largest trade fair for the battery and energy storage industry

Every year, the smarter E Europe innovation hub organises 4 trade fairs, including EES Europe, which welcome nearly 3,000 exhibitors showcasing their latest solar energy solutions and more than 50,000 visitors looking for new solutions. EES, Europe's most visited exhibition for the battery and energy storage industry, is a key meeting point for manufacturers, distributors, users and suppliers of storage systems. Four main areas are featured: photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, solar power plants and products and solutions for integrating renewable energies.

Requirements of the EES Award

The EES Award (Electrical Energy Storage Award) recognises pioneering products and solutions for electrical energy storage systems. To select the winners, the entire value-added chain of technologies is considered, as well as the specific applications and business models chosen by the company.

The products and solutions eligible for the award must demonstrate a particular technological and economic innovation, allowing the reduction of production or sales costs and satisfying industrial or societal needs.

Socomec’s solution

This year Socomec is offering its energy storage system for microgrids. This is based on the use of a SUNSYS PCS² IM converter, batteries and control and protection cabinets providing a wide range of power and energy for micro-grid applications. The system allows electricity to be supplied to a remote area, thus avoiding the cost of building a new electricity grid. The system will also reduce diesel consumption of the generators, allowing a longer service life and higher efficiency. The resilience of the existing microgrid is also improved in case of an outage.

The system is intended for hybrid microgrids, for rural electrification or on islands, for example, and has various advantages:

  • Its function in Black start mode (used in the event of a total or partial shutdown of the electricity transmission system), which allows the micro-grid to be restored. It acts as a voltage generator whatever the type of load and distribution by limiting peak currents without oversizing.
  • Its modular design, which allows greater power availability and higher efficiency, especially at low power.
  • Its hot-swap power modules, which simplify maintenance in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Its control of the parallel configuration of the various sources without generating disturbance on the load side.
  • Its monitoring of the frequency of the micro-grid, allowing the photovoltaic production to be controlled.
  • Its compliance with distributed power quality standards (e.g. EN 50160).

Socomec: full control, from design through to commissioning

By designing the whole system, Socomec ensures the functionality of the entire assembly as well as its maintenance. Each proposed system can also be adapted according to the specific needs of the customer.