Solar irradiance measurement for PV power plants


As a response to the many questions Kipp & Zonen receives on the specifics and quantity of pyranometers for solar energy applications, Kipp & Zonen developed an online tool to give recommendations without the need to pick up the phone and talk to an expert. It was the most commonly asked question ‘How many pyranometers do I need’ that inspired the development of the Configurator.

There is a IEC standard (IEC 61724-1– Photovoltaic system performance) as a guideline for the required equipment for solar energy plants. However, Kipp & Zonen sees some differences in practice when it comes to the number of pyranometers and positions.

Based on best practices and insights of the solar experts, the Configurator calculates the set of instruments and accessories that fits the PV project best. The calculation uses the answers to a series of questions on the phase of the PV project, the size and the required accuracy. The result presented online is a recommended list of products and an additional list to consider that includes accessories and weather stations for example.

Kipp & Zonen initially launches the Configurator for PV and is looking to expand its functionality for CSP and CPV shortly. To see the Configurator and give it a try go to
Please note that at the moment the Configurator runs on Chrome, Safari and Firefox; but not on Internet Explorer or Edge.