Solar Power Network and KLD complete largest rooftop solar system in Shizuoka, Fuji West

Solar Power Network Japan K.K. (SPN), a distributed power generation company based in Tokyo and headquartered in Canada, is pleased to announce the completion of its first site in Japan, 1.2 MW rooftop solar power system atop Fuji West terminal treatment plant in Fuji city in Shizuoka prefecture.

The project was designed and developed by SPN and constructed by Kokusai Land & Development.

The project was won by the joint venture created by SPN and KLD for the solar power system atop a terminal treatment plant in Fuji City. The output of the system is approximately 1.2 MW, sufficient to power 310 typical Japanese households, which makes it the largest rooftop solar plant in Shizuoka prefecture. The system will be grid connected with contracts under Japan’s Feed-In Tariff system and all the electricity they generate will be sold under this scheme to TEPCO.

The PV system is to make good use of the unused rooftop of a sewage plant by producing the renewable energy. The Fuji West center is listed as a Tsunami shelter and as such the PV system will provide emergency power for the refugees.

The SPN and KLD joint venture is developing another rooftop solar system on top of Fuji East terminal treatment plant in Fuji city. The total output of the two solar power systems will be about approximately 2.3MW (DC), sufficient to power about 600 typical Japanese households. Both solar systems are equipped with production monitoring system to promote environmental education in the local area.

“SPN is happy to be able to support Fuji City with its vision of utilizing these assets to provide clean, renewable energy to the community. This concept is a cornerstone of our own vision and as such it is with great pride that we announce the connection of this our first power facility in Japan.” said Mr. Peter Goodman, CEO and President of Solar Power Network.

Solar Power Network (SPN) is the largest onsite power developer in Japan and Ontario, providing the basis for clean, economic and reliable electricity. The company delivers power that’s generated where it is consumed, on rooftops and carports, offsetting the need for mega power generators and transmission systems. SPN is designing, building and operating solar systems on 3,000,000 square meters of under-utilized space, helping industrial operators move towards energy independence. SPN is employee owned and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.