Solar Steel supplies another 15 MW of its RackSmarT® fixed Tilt structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The supplied structure will support 44.544 PV modules while de PV project is built over 30 hectares of desert.

Solar Steel has fully manufactured the structure for this project in its Çepaş Gonvarri Industries manufacturing plant in Ankara (Turkey), willing to optimize project logistic costs and providing its customer technical support by its local team.

Supplied structure is a 2 portrait RackSmarT® Fixed Structure that minimizes installation time and cost with its customized design. Solar Steel looks forward to support MENA region countries in deploying solar PV energy and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

Solar Steel distinguishes itself by integrating in house all processes in the value chain, from the coil to the steel structure fully installed on site. This feature, combined with the engineering capability and organizational strength, positions Solar Steel as a solar industry leader.