Solaroad Technologies solves intermittency problems associated with conventional solar

Question: What do a travelling businessman, a recreational outdoors enthusiast, and a home improvement aficionado all have in common?

Answer: The need for available electricity right here, right now.

Solaroad Technologies is redefining the term "portable plug" through entry into the portable solar and storage marketplace with the GridKicker.

Nick Cameron, Solaroad’s president, stated, “With most electrical devices now utilizing battery power, there is always the need for a recharge. Solaroad presented itself with the challenge of keeping peoples gadgets and tools charged and ready to use when and where they need them. By addressing the constantly evolving needs of the marketplace, and continually tweaking our products to evolve with or beyond these needs, we are creating a name and place for our company and our products.”

The implementation of solar power into the electrical grid has been a growing concern, and 2014 was a pinnacle year for solar installations on a global level. The industry struggle has been effectively and seamlessly integrating solar power into the existing electrical grid, as solar is an intermittent power source (meaning it is not able to supply a consistent stream of constant power). The GridKicker was developed to solve this problem by integrating storage with solar to allow for a constant power source.