Solon SOLfixx: innovative plug & play system for flat roofs with low loading capacities


The Solon SOLfixx module and its substructure form a unit that can be installed quickly and easily without penetrating the roof sheeting. This system, which has been optimized for flat surfaces, provides extremely high yields per square meter and is well suited for roofs with a low loading capacity, especially those made of bituminous or plastic sheeting materials, for example.

The Solon SOLfixx is the first product for flat roofs available on the market and certified by Germany’s TÜV where the module and substructure form one unit. The trough-shaped substructure is at first welded, guyed, or ballasted to the roof surface. The module is then attached to the trough by a simple clicking into place – no tools are required. The Solon SOLfixx is a plug & play system, setting new standards in rapid and uncomplicated installation.

The extremely high energy yields provided by the Solon SOLfixx are a result of its optimum utilization of surface area, its ten-degree tilt angle, and the high-quality Solon modules with an efficiency of up to 14.7 percent. The new product can be used with all types of roof covering and on lightweight roofs with a minimum loading capacity reserve of 13.9 kg/m². There will also be special fastening solutions for bituminous and plastic sheeting.

Another advantage of the Solon SOLfixx: A cable duct does not have to be purchased separately because it is already integrated into the substructure. Furthermore, the mechanical installation of the system can be separated from the electrical installation, allowing roofers and electricians to work independently of one another.

The module’s vents are well designed to dissipate the heat generated underneath the module. Furthermore, Solon SOLfixx does not harm the roof: 70 percent of the loads are distributed over the entire surface. There is no linear loading, which can occur with other systems using conventional designs, such as on rails. Thus, this product follows recommendations made by leading roof sealing manufacturers.

The modules for this system are available in power classes ranging from 255 to 290 W. The modules’ performance is ensured by the trusted Solon warranty of 95 percent for the first five years, 90 percent for ten years, 87 percent for 15 years, 83 percent for 20 years, and 80 percent for 25 years. In addition the substructure comes with a 10-year warranty, which can be extended up to 25 years.