Sovello Canada Inc. becomes Soventix Canada Inc.


As a subsidiary of Soventix GmbH, a spinoff of Sovello AG, one of the largest integrated solar manufacturers worldwide and VENTIZZ Capital Partners Advisory AG, Sovello Canada became operational in Toronto, ON in 2010.

The name change follows the strategic direction of German based Soventix GmbH to engage in the development, planning and marketing of turnkey PV systems in global markets under a new brand.

However, Soventix Canada Inc. will stay focused on the manufacturing and supply of high quality Sovello solar modules made in Ontario. Soventix Canada will continue working on its established partner project program and will further engage EPCs and project developers to offer turnkey PV systems with Project Pro modules by Sovello.

The Company's CEO Jan Dressel says: "In order to serve the market and our partners with a higher value proposition, we now have the resources to participate not only by providing top quality modules, but project expertise and financing as well. This can be an important aspect and will strengthen our partners to enable them to do larger projects."

With the name change comes a new office address. Effective immediately, Soventix Canada Inc. will be operating out of a new office in Toronto:

Soventix Canada Inc.

120 Front Street East, Suite 204

Toronto, ON M5A 4L9