Sputnik launches new inverter series


The new SolarMax P series string inverters of the Swiss inverter manufacturer Sputnik Engineering are characterized by maximum yields at the lowest installation expenditure and the highest levels of flexibility. By using the tried and tested HERIC topology, the SolarMax P series achieves maximum efficiencies of 98 percent and is perfectly suitable for private solar power plants with up to 6kWp.

The P series can be operated both in dual or single tracker mode and, thus, always guarantees high yields for roof tops with east-west orientation or in the event of strings with an odd number of modules, for instance.

By means of a simplified connection concept, fitters save material and plant operators save the additional costs for the installation expenditure. Thanks to passive cooling, virtually no noise is emitted during inverter operation. The new web-based MaxView application is the ideal complement to the SolarMax P series.

It allows for long-term and location-independent monitoring of private PV power plants without additional external data logger and, thus, without any additional cost for the plant operator. MaxView is compatible with all SolarMax P series inverters (2000P, 3000P, 4000P, 4600P, and 5000P) and is available at no charge upon once-only registration on the SolarMax website. In order to be able to directly access the yields of the PV power plant, the plant operator must only connect his inverter to the home network via Plug&Play.

Afterwards, daily, monthly, annual, as well as total yields of the power plant can be retrieved, compared, and visualized and exported in different types of graphs or tables using the web browser. The MaxView functions can be extended effortlessly and will be complemented by further, intelligent features in the future.

"MaxView is the perfect additional tool for our P series, because location-independent monitoring of the P series inverters using our new web-based application is just as quick and easy as installing and connecting them. There is no need to configure MaxView in a complex manner first, but it can be used immediately," explains Olaf Geistlinger, senior product manager for the SolarMax string inverters.

"Before you know it, one can view the curve, analyze, and save the yields as Excel file for one's records until back to the previous day, for instance – and that from everywhere.“ With the P series and the clear MaxView monitoring tool, SolarMax offers a powerful team for maximum yields of each solar power plant in the private sector. Both solutions will be available as of the Intersolar Europe 2013 and will be presented in hall B4 / booth 110.